Glen Ellen Star




from our wood oven

   vegetables      10.5

 brussels sprouts, brown sugar bacon marmalade

cauliflower, tahini, sumac, roasted almonds

fennel crusted fennel, parmesan, calabrian chile

sweet potatoes, borwn butter, maple syrup, hazelnuts

broccoli, sauce “vella-veeta”

jimmy nardello peppers, shabazi spice


margherita, basil, tomato, mozzarella   14

tomato cream pie, aleppo chilli   16

white, guanciale, arugula   17


 cinderella pumpkin soup, ricotta, sage and brown butter tortellini  10

simple green salad, champagne vinaigrette   8

autumn chicories salad, bartlett pears, spicy walnuts, blue cheese dressing  14

 cast iron quick bread, zataar oil   5

main courses

brick chicken “piccata,” hen of the woods mushrooms, creamy polenta  24

grilled 12 oz. ny strip loin, wood roasted potatoes, chimichurri  36/24

lamb and pole bean cassoulet, roasted garlic, “persillade”   25

house made cavatelli, white chanterelles, pepitas, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin butter  24

whole roasted dourade, preserved meyer lemon, sauce “romesco”   32